Business process outsourcing otherwise known as BPO is the process of leveraging technology vendors in various third worlds or developing nations for doing a job which was once the responsibility of the enterprise.

Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. BPO is uniquely positioned to service customer requirements by leveraging its tenets of quality and innovation, the best people talent, self-sustaining process framework and domain knowledge. We offer customized service offerings; translating into the most flexible and cost effective services of the highest quality for our customers. We offshore outsourcing more and more takes the shape of Business Process Outsourcing, where whole business processes (such as support and development) are outsourced.

What we do

We deliver superior value and minimize the operational and business risks of off-shoring business processes by leveraging cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, world class processes and superior talent.


Improve productivity and operational efficiencies – Non-core business processes, such as human resources and finance and accounting, are critical, but also resource-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. With the help of Outsourcing we improve operational efficiencies and drastically reduces costs without large, up-front capital investments.

Reduce costs – Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. provides quantifiable benefits through improved efficiencies, lower overhead, reduced payroll and benefit expenses, and fewer capital investments.

Allow organizations to focus on their core business – Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. allows organizations to move non-core business processes to a services provider so that they may focus on the more important strategic, revenue-generating programs that create profitable growth and sustain business success.

Ensure best practices, skills, and technology - Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. provides access to proprietary workflow systems, process reengineering skills, and innovative staffing and delivery models, combined with world-class technology delivered by experts.

Provide access to scalable operations and on-demand resources - Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. provides the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace and scale operations up or down as conditions dictate. Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. delivers access to global staff, processes, resources, and technology—wherever and whenever they are needed.

Strengthen clients’ competitive position – We leverage the client strategy to improve their financial and competitive positions and differentiate themselves from competitors. This results in increased customer satisfaction, more efficient operations, access to global capabilities, increased cash flow, and faster time-to-market.

Inbound Process:-

An inbound process is one that exclusively or predominately handles incoming calls. Whereas Inbound deals with answering the customers’ calls. Something like helpdesk. Inbound is a safer way to run a BPO as you are assured of payments.
eg: Vodafone customer care operations 

Outbound Process:-

Outbound is the one in which you call the customers for marketing/research or polls. There is a good chance that the outbound might not yield you good returns unless you turn around customers.
eg: Credit card dept. of any bank.