Nowadays, outsourcing has become a normal practice. It helps the companies worldwide including India to concentrate on their actual businesses. Ours is client friendly organization. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) makes feel our client as it is their own development wing. We always try to understand the needs of our clients. Our solutions & services are designed to satisfy specific requirements of our clients. Client satisfaction is our main objective.

Work Flow Diagram

At initial stages, discussions take place between highest levels of escalation on both the sides. Once the project is started, a steering committee is appointed as a mediator between ODC and the client. The steering committee deals with the project managers on both the sides.

Project leader leads the offshore team which works to find a solution. When a solution is released, it is sent to quality team.

The quality team tests the software for the assurance of quality. After the completion of the testing process, the solution is sent to the project leader who, in return, sends the solution to the project manager.

Value Proposition

Our proposal is to set up a dedicated offshore development center in India. An ODC in India where international companies would be able to continue develop their projects and serve their internal and external clients with the same or improved quality levels, but at a drastically reduced cost. We will provide world-class facility, set up the environment, staff with qualified and talented team and institute proven processes and reporting structure. It will be an extension of your own facility, available to you at a reduced cost, without the hassle of you managing it. The ODC comes with added benefits:

  • Reduced manpower cost (salary cost per person in India would be typically 1/5 of the US/UK costs)
  • Same (High) Quality level.
  • Superior IT skill sets.
  • Reduced overhead (recruitment administration).
  • Reduced Infrastructure cost (Development center cost).
  • Faster turn-around time (approx. 6 Hours of time difference between India and Europe helps in getting the output without much loss of business days).
  • Ability to ramp up/down quickly with no adverse implications.
  • Ability to maintain low-cost buffer to meet staff turnover.
  • Ability to maintain low-cost ‘bench’ to meet sudden spurts in business needs.

Business Model Diagram

Benefits derived due to offshore development center:-

Reduced Cost of Ownership

♦ Enables focus on rapidly changing technology needs

♦ Enables creation of specialized skill base at drastically reduced cost (training of employees on the reserve staff can be done in India)

♦ Attrition control -the customer focuses on product quality levels

♦ Reduced time to market

♦ Creation of Globally deployable resource pool.

This would give you a massive reduction in cost of approximately 40% just by outsourcing your development to a

center in India. The investments in the development center at related infrastructure have already been made by us; also we would provide local recruitment and management support.

Benefits with us

♦ We always deliver customized services. We try to understand the needs of our clients, at first. While designing our solutions,our main aim is to satisfy specific requirements of our clients.

♦ Our ‘Knowledge source’ contains a great source of information including case studies and reports on latest happenings. With the help     of our knowledge source, you can know about our organization, what we do and

what we did in the past.

We select our employees only after interviewing. Hence, only qualified professionals who are educated from the

best universities get selected by our company.

♦ We have a competitive edge as market leader in India with lower cost of operation in sourcing skilled

developers and designers. We have a plan, to cut your company’s expenses and make it more profitable. Our

prices just can’t be ignored when you run a business.

♦ We provide seamless collaboration between offshore office and client project staff through live chat/ email /

voice / video. U.S. based contact point manages all issues. All our staff members involved in the project will

report directly to you or your project manager and follow your directives.

♦ You can get technical support for your existing applications even after the completion of your project.

♦ Our clients can get following services at a place: Systems Analysis, System Design, Database Administration,

Systems Engineering, Systems Maintenance, Systems Testing, Systems Architecture, Systems Administration,

Systems Integration, and Technology Migration.

♦ Our Company gives more importance to software testing.

♦ We keep the official documents and data of our companied confidential very.

♦ We always keep our self-updated with the state-of-art technologies.

♦ Our employees, team leaders, and managers are well experienced, well-trained, dedicated. Our employees work

6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). Our Programmers work in your time zone. We have people supporting

US and all other continents.

Hiring Procedure

Employee Retention

Our company enjoys higher employee retention rate. We take following measures to keep our employee retention

rates higher:

♦ Our line managers maintain good relationships with our employees

♦ We always try to maintain higher standards of recruitment

♦ We provide chances for all our employees to improve their skills and grow up in their careers We promote

our employees to higher designations according to their performance

♦ Where ever, it is not possible to promote employees to higher designations, we at least increase the salaries.

♦ We always try to make the work interesting for our employees

♦ Employees can express their grievances with the management

♦ We provide job security and stability for our employees provided their performance is up to mark. We assure

maximum  job satisfaction for our employee

About our Center

Our center is located in Dhule, India which is connected with all national highways and railway lines of India and very close from Financial Capital of India, Mumbai. The center will function 24 hours a day. It functions even on Saturday. The center has very good staff and infrastructure. Our Future Plan:- Around 500 people can work  in the center in various shifts. The center will follow a system of three shifts. It can have 300 systems. Each system will have hard disk with a capacity of 160 GB. Every system has a RAM with a capacity of 1 GB. All our systems will contain Intel Dual core processors and Intel 988 chip set mother boards. Our systems have 3.88 GHZ processing speed. We will have highly effective network administration and security system.

Why Outsourcing to India

Offshore development centers in India have seen tremendous growth in recent years, primarily among software

development companies. Offshore development centers in India are reporting 45 to 60 percent annual growth.

Gartner Group predicts that within two years, 40 percent of its clients will spend up to two-fifths of their legacy

budgets on offshore outsourcing to India. India is the undisputed leader in offshore development centers all over the

world because of following reasons:

♦ India has a large pool of technically advanced people.

♦ Most of the educated Indians are good at English. Most of higher education in India is in English.

♦ Technically sound and well educated Indians can be hired at lower costs.

♦ Indians show strong emphasis on mathematics and science.

♦ Indians are culturally sensitized, and believe in secularism.

♦ Costs charged by offshore development centers in India are 30-50 percent lower than those in the U.S. and


♦ Indian companies maintain higher standards of professionalism. India has the highest number of CMM-certified companies in the world—37 companies meet CMM minimum standards while 5,554 have ISO 9000 certifications.

260 of the Fortune 1000, including 3M, Amazon, Nortel Networks are in India.

♦ India has 50 year old vibrant democracy with established systems and policies.

♦ India has active and free Press and a demonstrably independent Judiciary.

♦ Indian economy is reporting rapid growth of infrastructural development. For example, India currently has the

12th largest Telecom network in the world and it is growing rapidly.

♦ Indian Economy is one of the world’s better performing and stable economies (GDP growth is between 5-7%

over the last decade).

♦ Indian economy reports limited inflation environment.

♦ Indian economy has established infrastructure through technology parks.

Offshore Destination Attractiveness

India Core Strength

Large Human Resource:

♦ 19 Million Students in high schools

♦ 10 Million Students in pre-graduate degree courses

♦ 2.1 Million Graduates +

♦ 0.3 Million post-graduates

At current rates, there will approximately be 17 million people available to the IT industry by 2008:

♦ Indian Education System

♦ Strong emphasis on mathematics and science

♦ Large number of science and engineering graduates.

♦ Mastery over quantitative concepts coupled with English proficiency

Quality Manpower:

♦ Indian programmers are known for their strong technical skills and their eagerness to accommodate clients.

♦ Access to more specialized engineering talent (for e.g. Telecommunications)

♦ India also has one of the largest pools of English-speaking professionals.


♦ 45-55% factor cost savings

♦ Labor cost arbitrage to continue for 20-30 years

♦ Additional cost saving from task re-engineering and economies of scale


. Effective process execution

. Time zone advantage and 24×7 operations


. Government taxes and duty exemptions

. Established infrastructure through technology parks

. Subsidies on capital and utilities


. Access to skilled, young motivated and trainable labor pool

. Established methodologies and process maturity among vendors

Why Outsourcing to Dhule

Dhule, is an educational hub of North Maharashtra and low cost of living city.It has a great pool of engineering

graduates and post graduates with IT back grounds that are highly skilled as well as hard working.

Following are the factors that attracting various companies to start offshore development centers in Dhule:

♦ Infrastructure

♦ Basic amenities such as power, water

♦ Low density of population

♦ Smaller, congestion-free airport near Dhule

♦ Availability of experienced engineers

♦ People form a high proportion of the IT workforce

♦ Government support

♦ Job-hopping is not common