Application Introduction :

  • —Panzra developed a new Android Application i.e. Vakil Diary. It can be used from any Android Device. It is easy to use, configure and best suitable for any legal professional. Vakil Diary application user can get current or historic data anytime for their clients/ for any case. It is not only helpful to lawyers but can also greatly helpful for their clients over the time.
  • Vakil Case Diary is uniquely designed for legal professionals. This app can be of great use for lawyers/advocates, Manage clients and access their information wherever you are and whenever you want. You can manage your cases. So, carry your office wherever you go.
  • This is a very simple and easy to use application, which store information about an advocate’s clients, Previous Date,Case type, cases no.,Stage, Next Date,. You can filter the data according to case no, Parties, previous date, next date etc.

Advantages :

  • —Provides easy way to use the application i.e. GUI.
  • —Easy to manage your cases data
  • —Facility to add new Courts, Case Types and Stages.
  • —Facility to maintain client’s  information like contact detail.
  • —Facility to direct calling to client.
  • —Get report of  Daily Cases
  • —Get Complete report of  Specific Case
  • —Get Complete report of  Party’s Cases.
  • —Time  required  is  very  less to  enter  and  search  the  case entry.
  • —Easy to filter the data according to any case no, parties, next date, back date.
  • —Facility to edit wrong entry.
  • —Facility to get backup & restore.—

Vakil Diary / Android

Screen Shot  :