About Us


—Panzra SoftTech Pvt. Ltd. (Panzra) is a software development company which focuses mainly on developing, implement & support Web Applications, Android Applications and Oracle Applications (ERP) projects worldwide.—Panzra takes enterprise business application implementation to a new level by working in partnership with third parties in solving complex business issues and ensuring that business benefit is delivered through a combination of packaged software and efficient processes. Panzra meets these needs with deep industry domain and technological knowledge, hands on experience, and proven track record in business applications implementations across a wide range of industries.

—Panzra follows a customer-focused implementation methodology. We work closely with our customers and provide thorough visibility to project detail. Customers can closely measure progress with complete confidence, knowing that their IT dollars will deliver optimal results. We ensure close participation with all users, which results in high end-user adoption. The completion of the project provides full knowledge transfer and documentation.

Panzra Services has experience implementing financials, customer and partner relationship management applications from small corporations to large Fortune 500 organizations.


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